Sales & Acquisitions
Helping you to sell or buy aircrafts

One of the excitements brought by business aviation is without a doubt the purchase of your own business jet. Airplatinum provides advice, guidance and support to its clients to make the choice most suitable for your needs to Acquire an aircraft with our experts guiding you every step of the process.

Utilizing our many years experience and dedicated professionals allows reacting promptly and taking care of every detail to make the transition smooth and quick.

Airplatinum sales and acquisition team also helps you source right buyer to Sell your aircraft. We have a totally transparent fixed fee and no hidden charges approach. We strive to provide a most convenient and easy to use professional business jet trading platform and most suitable tailor made professional advise.

We also provide professional advisory on Fractional Ownership that would cut the costs of operating and acquiring a private jet. Through this financing model an owner is acquiring a “share” of a jet type derived from a number of people expected to accompany you and on the number of flying hours annually required. This approach allows customizing and adapting to unique travel needs with a cost effective solution.

Jet Acquisitions

Airplatinum's extensive knowledge and experience in providing bespoke services in the private jet sector enables us to choose the ideal aircraft to meet all of your requirements.

Our company stands for top quality product and top quality services that go with it for the benefit of our international clientele across the globe. We strive to match price and quality to source the best jet to suit your needs and negotiate most favorable price.

We will take care of every aspect of the acquisition and advise on all the aspects including registration and technical inspections, crew, and deals for positioning the aircraft and of course structuring a suitable finance model and insurance. In other words we provide a tailor made service tackling the task from all possible angles. However we don’t just specialize in sourcing and setting up a new aircraft for our clients, we are also known for Aircraft Management where your new investment is taken care of 24/7. 

AP Acquisition services include:

  • Evaluating client’s requirements and counsel on right aircraft
  • Sourcing & supporting in choosing of right jet
  • Negotiating favorable price in accordance to fair market value
  • Advising tailor made finance structure
  • Providing legal advisory and taking care of all the legal paperwork
  • Registering Aircraft
  • Technical inspections and test flights
  • Arranging all required legal paperwork complying with all international aviation regulations
  • Management and Leasing of an aircraft

Jet Sales

If you are interested in selling, upgrading or changing for a different aircraft we specialize in it and we deliver. We are here to assist you with sourcing the right buyer for the right price.

At Airplatinum our team closely follows the market and ensures to close the deal with a favorable price taking in consideration all the market conditions, trends and demands to close the deal in a timely manner.

We will proceed considering all the wishes of the client with sourcing the buyer delivering a bespoke service and placing confidentiality as one of our top priorities. You will benefit from our most credible potential buyers internationally who have been obtained through years of working together and proved themselves through delivering results and reputation.

Our assigned specialists will be with you through the whole process from the very beginning till the deal is sealed. We handle all negotiations, technical inspections, valuations and legal requirements to ensure that interests of our client have been met and the transaction goes smooth.

AP Sales services include:

  • Evaluating aircraft with cross referencing of the market conditions
  • Developing tailor made marketing approach most suitable for our client
  • Implementing global sales campaign
  • Negotiate offer with potential buyers
  • Arranging all required legal paperwork complying with all international aviation regulations
  • Managing technical pre-buy inspection
  • Closing sales, arranging delivery and finalizing documentation
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