Sales & Acquisitions

Purchasing an aircraft is one of the most excitements in business aviation however in order to fully enjoy and get all the benefits owning a jet, only the right management company makes it all happen. We ensure that your aircraft is properly maintained and kept or generate extra revenues when you are not using it.

Whether you are a private owner, investor or a corporation we have the knowledge, experience and most importantly the right people for the job to deliver a tailor made services. For new and pre-owned jets we possess knowledge, legal, financial, regulatory and technical experience with tailor made approach and transparent fees that makes Airplatinum stand out among many others. We are not only aiming to provide top class services, cut costs where applicable but also provide transparent model for your comfort. We toil in compliance with strict international aviation regulations and our partners hold a UK Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) for private Jets and Helicopters. With Airplatinum you can be sure to receive optimum safety standards and performance for your aircraft.

Our fleet of luxurious executive aircrafts and highly trained staff are at your disposal to provide you with the Airplatinum’s top class service. Airplatinum organises fuel contracts to ensure global availability at best rates, monitor fuel uplifts and billing, ensure up-to-date navigation charts are available and used, review aircraft airfield and route performance, file flight plans and slot requests, coordinate handling agents and arrange catering, crew transport and accommodation.  Constantly monitoring the progress of all flights 24/7, and where schedules change, arrangements updated and followed through to ensure a seamless operation throughout. 


AP Management includes:

  • Transparent fees
  • Cost effective deals with FBO Providers internationally who Airplatinum dealt before
  • Overseeing best maintenance and services schemes for your aircraft
  • Getting and managing crew and pilots to suit your needs
  • Arranging cost effective fuel deals
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